Here I will document notable drug experiences since I am an idiotic teenager who partakes in various substances. Please do not do what I do, this is not to encourage substance abuse but rather document personal experiences.


  • alcohol
  • cannabis
  • ketamine
  • DXM(cough syrup)
  • benadryl
  • amphetamines
  • mushrooms
  • tobacco/nicotine

1-14-23: my first and last benadryl trip

So basically me and my friends were trying to get our hands on some acid but that didnt work out, so in our frustration and desperation we decided to trip on benadryl. were sleeping over at M's and I start with 13 pills. After a bit I wasn't feeling much so I popped a couple more, then a couple more later, ended up with 17 total. I feel like this is where I went wrong, it takes a while to start really feeling it and instead of letting it settle I just kept taking more. I don't remember the entire night perfectly, but I did write down a checklist of things I felt.

  • Blurry double vision (this is due to other factors I will mentaion later)
  • weird unstable sinking feeling like every 10 seconds, in and out of derealization
  • walking was so hard, felt super heavylike the gravity was multiplied
  • no filter, words go from brain to mouth without thinking
  • speech felt delayed
  • moving tv static like pattern when I stared at things
  • saw small cats in the corners that were not there, the hallucinations looked so real but I knew they werent
  • saw the fucking spiders in the ceiling corners and they started jumping at me and I freaked
  • when talking to anyone I sounded fairly nonsensical and everyone else sounded even more nonsensical

It was kinda fun in the early parts but the spiders started to freak me out and one of the friends there took way to many and was doing shit that was stressing me out. It was hard to fall asleep but I eventually did. When I woke up I went to wait in the car for my friend I saw the cats again and other things but I had been in that state for over 12 hours at this point so I didnt pay mind to it. I still had intense double vision and could only see shit close up if I closed one eye. I was confused and then opened my snapchat camera and i had a FUCKING CROSSEYE. Like a really bad one when my eyes were completely fine before. This scared the absolute shit out of me and I had a breakdown in the car and basically decided that I was never gonna do drugs again. I started like looking around in a ton of directions and eventually it just fixed itself and the nearsightedness wore off. I don't know how the benadryl couldve caused that but I will not be doing it again. It wasnt awful, but the strange and unnerving parts of the expereince definetely weighed it down. Rated: